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Английский разговорный клуб "Поговорим, подумаем" 

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Международные молодёжные программы

В 2017 году мы принимаем Канае из Японии, Керрин из США, Сину и Никласа из Германии, Анну из Словакии. 


Продолжается набор на курсы по подготовке к ЕГЭ и ОГЭ 



4 июня-10 июня 2018 года.

11 июня-17 июня 2018 года.

2 июля - 7 июля 2018 года.

Тематика смены:  Летняя смена международного лагеря «EUROTRIP» с участием иностранцев из Германии, Японии, Словакии.

Стоимость:  17 000 руб.

Место проведения: Лоо, Гостевой дом «Русалочка»

В стоимость включено:

услуги профессиональных преподавателей * полный комплект учебных материалов * развлекательная программа * 3-4 местное размещение в номерах с удобствами; * четырёхразовое питание;

Рабочий язык – английский.

3 сезона на распечатку




Поздравляем Наших учеников с успешнной сдачей выпускных экзаменов!



Иностранных школьников в 2017-2018 учебном году с радостью ожидают семьи...


Поздравляем Яну Юречкову из Словакии с успешной сдачей Итогового тестирования по курсу "Русский язык как иностранный"




Английского языка

начать тест

Тест на определение уровня английского языка.

1. The producer of this film is Bergman.
A) whose
B) what
C) who
D) which
2. No bread is left at home.
A) how many
B) how much
C) how long
D) how often
3. I’m taller than you are, …?
A) am not I
B) isn’t it
C) aren’t I
D) don’t I
4. … you ready?
A) do
B) is
C) did
D) are
5. ...he drive a bus?
A) do
B) is
C) can
D) shall
6. There is... water in the cup.
A) many
B) few
C) little
D) a few
7. Where … the money? I put it into the drawer.
A) are
B) were
C) do
D) is
8. Sheep … grass-eating animals.
A) is
B) were
C) was
D) are
9. She lost … way.
A) she
B) hers
C) his
D) her
10. Are there … letters for me?
A) no
B) some
C) any
D) -
11. Have they got … camera?
A) an
B) a
C) some
D) the
12. Is there … here who speaks Spanish?
A) somebody
B) anybody
C) nobody
D) someone
13. He doesn’t have … money.
A) much
B) many
C) no
D) few
14. My father … in his room now.
A) works
B) was working
C) would be working
D) is working
15. They … their homework yesterday.
A) do
B) does
C) did
D) would do
16. He said that he … English.
A) will study
B) study
C) is studying
D) would study
17. Children have … freedom than adults.
A) less
B) fewer
C) the least
D) little
18. She never reads newspapers, … .
A) so do I
B) neither do I
C) neither I do
D) so I do
19. I passed the exam and … .
A) so did Tom
B) so Tom did
C) neither did Tom
D) neither Tom did
20. Ann … long hair but she cut it some time ago.
A) had
B) use to
C) used to have
D) had got
21. Tom … work on Saturdays.
A) haven't to
B) doesn't have
C) doesn't have to
D) mustn't
22. When I arrived at the party, Tom … home.
A) has already gone
B) had gone already
C) went
D) had already gone
23. After she … a new automobile, she sold her bicycle.
A) was buying
B) has bought
C) bought
D) had bought
24. They’ve been much happier … they immigrated to Canada.
A) for
B) until
C) since
D) when
25. The first Winter Olympic Games … in 1924.
A) have organized
B) was organized
C) have been organized
D) were organized
26. I wish it …so much in England.
A) didn’t rain
B) didn’t rained
C) doesn’t rain
D) isn’t rain
27. I really must … my eyes tested. I’m sure I need glasses.
A) do
B) get
C) have done
D) make
28. If he … clearly, people would understand him.
A) speaks
B) had spoken
C) spoke
D) would speak
29. I … stay at home than go to the cinema.
A) had rather
B) would rather
C) had better
D) would rather to
30. I have to meet Tom in ten minutes. I … go now or I’ll be late.
A) would better
B) had rather
C) had better
D) would better
31. In recent years a lot of rubbish … on Everest by amateur mountaineers.
A) has been left
B) have left
C) have been left
D) is left
32. Carol knows a lot about films. She … go to the cinema a lot.
A) can
B) must
C) has to
D) should
33. Nicky …of giving up her job.
A) think
B) thinks
C) has been thinking
D) is thinking
34. ”I’m looking forward … you, Ms. Blake. You intrigued me.”
A) to meet
B) meeting you
C) meet
D) to meeting
35. We came late in spite … very fast.
A) drove
B) driven
C) of driving
D) driving
36. The workers … this school by September.
A) will have build
B) will build
C) is going to build
D) will built
37. – If I had seen you when you passed me in the street, I … hello.
A) would say
B) said
C) had said
D) would have said
38. We’ll buy some more food in case Tom … .
A) will come
B) comes
C) won’t come
D) come
39. – Don’t tell Ann what I said unless she … you.
A) ask
B) will ask
C) asks
D) would ask
40. After his divorce, Jim decided to live … for a while.
A) on his own
B) by himself
C) for his own
D) all by himself
41. I entered the hotel manager’s office and sat down. I just had … $50 and felt upset.
A) found
B) lost
C) met with
D) discovered
42. Once a middle-aged ill woman decided to consult a … .
A) physician
B) physicist
C) physics
D) physiognomist
43. They all stood … together and wouldn’t let him move.
A) loosely
B) carelessly
C) closely
D) carefully
44. Klink was already … known because in 1984 he had rowed across the Atlantic in a small boat.
A) really
B) widely
C) broadly
D) thoroughly
45. The book which he wrote is based on his … on that trip.
A) events
B) incidents
C) happenings
D) experiences
46. Sarah comes from Spain, … she attended school and college.
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Тест на определение уровня английского языка.

Верных ответов  (% успеха) Уровень владения языком
Elementary (начальный)
26-39 (52-78) Pre-Intermediate (базовый)
40-50 (80-100) Intermediate (средний)